Tuesday, March 22, 2011

time to create!

Haven't made anything new lately >.< but currently working on some projects...

My friend requested a journal - the material is ready and waiting :P I've just sewn the edges of the material at the moment.

...the only problem about making covered books is if the design underneath is too pretty! I was contemplating making a book cover that was removable but umm... my niece took care of that option... with an orange solution!

I just sorted out my lace samples (by colour) as I was going to give some of it to a fellow volunteer at the museum, she wanted to create her own peg dolls like they used to in the olden days and needed some material to work with. One of the ones on display uses a piece of lace made into a ball gown.

Example of the peg: http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection/database/?irn=65912&search=peg

I bought two earring sets (from craft expo) and will work on them soon when I figure out how to use the tools I have, my sister bought the tools for me about two years back when Lincraft in the city were having their mega moving sale. The other earrings are a bird on a perch, but you need to add your own earring hook and charm to personalise it.

I also want to start making something with the beads I bought, maybe phone charms?

These are the three different charms I was thinking to make... (1) cat/fish (2) pig (3) duck

These are the bag templates I bought about two years ago *sigh*, I hope that I can make something soon ^^ Bought some fusing a few months ago.

And this book just arrived in the mail ^^ Looks like it's time to attempt some cooking :P

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