Sunday, March 27, 2011

do red cars go faster?

Occasion: My cousin's birthday


1. red theme
2. fast cars
3. the age old question about red cars

For my cousin's 21st, he had a red themed party... I would say that at least over half the people wore red :) The funny thing is that night I was a party where the colour theme was black and the birthday boy was gonig to dress in white (my friend and I who didn't really check the invite came in red)... what happened was he started a long e-mail thread and by the time I read it, it was one long chain e-mail so I just pulled out the er.. more important details :P

Anyway... being a car fan (my cousin, not me...) I just searched for a car related image and coloured it in nicely :) I printed off the Porsche logo, coloured it in with pearlescent chalks and added a sticker and some nice patterned rub-ons.

Inside is not so interesting but I didn't want it to be so red so just dashed on some chalked circles with a template!

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