Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Online slideshow tests

Flickr Slideshow
  • Easy to use by adding a flickr account/gallery to the form
  • Seems that a square works best, e.g. 500x500 pixels or smaller
  • Very simple layout, one image at a time and you can see thumbnails when hovering
  • Clicking on a photo brings up any information on the photo's flickr page

Created with flickr slideshow.
  • Easy to set up, just fill in a form
  • There are a few nice instagram apps around, but just remember the original photos are mostly phone camera quality
  • SnapWidget seems to be made for Instagram, looks very nice in a sidebar
  • With this I could make the koffiafilmfest instagram gallery but the other apps require you to be the accountholder
  • Clicking on the photo will take you to a new webpage with all the thumbnails in the slideshow, i.e. it takes you to that instagram page
Gallery Slideshow

  • Need to create an account
  • instagram, flickr, facebook and upload from computer
  • can add youtube audio; special effects e.g. snow
  • easy to use, can be updated with new photos and an integration between photo platforms
  • Works as a video so you can't really click on it, the youtube video you use for audio also shows up in the corner
  • Probably not really what we're looking for if it's to showcase film posters

Test Run by Slidely - Slideshow videos

  • instagram, flickr, facebook and uploads
  • a few different slideshow effects s e.g. fade, chain effect
  • watermark from photosnack
  • seems to load a bit slower than the others

I also found one called Juicebox which looked professional but you need to create your own thumbnails
  • Thumbnail design is embedded into the gallery, the slideshow itself can be viewed in fullscreen
  • Lite/Full versions available, the limitations to the lite version include max 50 images, no social sharing support
  • Seems like a bit of hassle because manually you need to make your own thumbnails or use a third party plugin e.g. photoshop, lightroom, picasa

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rainbow library

I sorted my books into this rainbow a few months ago, it was for a competition although I didn't win anything lol! But hey, it looks cool and I can't find any of the titles I need! Although I have a list of all the books I have anyway so it's cool! :)