About Me

I have been making cards for friends and family since the end of 2007. My sister already had a lot of supplies and one day before a party, I thought to myself, let's try making a card since I don't have time to buy one ;)

Since then, I have added lots of items to the collection such as craft tools, scrapbook papers and embellishments.

My inspirations are the friends and family that I make them for but I love reading cardmaking magazines and books as well as attending craft classes and browsing the craft section.

My photography skills aren't that great, you'll get to see some cards photographed outside and some with bad lighting (possibly taken late at night...).

And sometimes I deviate from cardmaking to some other pastimes, with sometimes hilarious or disastrous results!

Hope you enjoy the blog!

P.S. I also have a restaurant reviews / food blog with my friend Penguin at Curious Chopstix ^_^