Friday, July 22, 2011

Pencil case from my old jeans XD !!!

Ahh, it's been almost a month since the previous post, my bad >.< been concentrating on Curious Chopstix but while I'm waiting for Penguin to return I can do a bit of crafting ^^ And I also figured out how to use this watermarking software XD

I've actually made a few things and gone to two card workshops since the last post, but something I just made a few days ago was this pencil case XD I thought about making a pencil case when I started going to Chinese school again because just FYI, a plastic bag is not a pencil case!!

To save sewing some stitches and to recycle...

R-E-C-Y-C-L-E recycle!!!

Very catchy song =D!!!

...I used an old pair of jeans. It meant I couldn't have the lace horizontal which was a shame but I figured something else out :)

This side is white lace and an onigiri made from felt. I also found some random iron-on swirls which I think spell out an 'H', but I somehow ironed it on a bit crooked and stitched the flower in... I actually lost the flower while moving the pencil case around but found it on my bedroom floor, as I was handsewing part of my pencil case in my room :P.

The other side is pink lace and buttons + flowers. This time I stitched it all in, which I didn't do for the diary. It makes it more stable and you don't get glue-y bits showing, but you need to space it carefully as two of my buttons are too close to one another >.<

I also gave the lace and H some extra stitching, originally the lace was only stitched at the ends!!

I added a zipper and then added a loose inner lining afterwards (I know, I know, I'm making it all backwards here!) to protect the stitching for the embellishments. Originally I was going to make the opening with velcro or buttoned... or tied with string but thought I'd better practise with zippers :).

On another note, I've finally attended an anime convention =D surprising since I was such an anime fan back then, still am in a way :) although I do have this k-drama addiction -_- And here are some of the goodies ^^

P.S. The pink and black head dress was handmade by my friend Frejya! ^^

And the Harry Potter exhibition is going to be at the Powerhouse Museum in November, so exciting!!! :) I did get to see Matthew Lewis who plays Neville Longbottom as well some objects that will be on display which will do till November :)