Thursday, February 24, 2011

happiness cloud raining on an umbrella near you!

So I bought a diary for this year and decided to put a new design on it (this was about a month and a half ago... ahem). I actually wanted to do the same thing last year, but the diary had such a nice cover on it already and it also had a yearly planner on the inner cover and opening page!

Back cover

I figured out a general design and collected most of the materials needed after the purchase but finally finished it!

After finishing, I realised the design was a bit too low, so experimented with some lace, although nothing has been glued on yet!

The diary I covered, nice and bright colour, yeah, I know it was being covered but still purposely chose this colour! The ribbon bookmark matches the original colour!

Materials used:
-Lace from a craft show
-Buttons from craft button pack
-denim, felt and the back of a curtain material (was originally going to use the blue side)
-iron-on stones/studs
-PVA glue and also 'Fuller' permanent spray bond

I was also supposed to do a fake stich around the cloud but forgot about it as I didn't have the thick thread on hand, when my sister came home she said "hey, you should have done the embroidery on the cloud"... =_='''

Last year's pretty in pink diary

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