Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A few more dandelion piccies ^^

The lawn's been mowed so have to wait a bit before taking more photos XD

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dandelions ♥

Finally took some dandelion photos which I keep reminding myself to do!

Monday, October 17, 2011

My... just-popped-out-for-a-bit day!

Just bought some Christina Re paper that was on sale at Officeworks and also some paper fasteners, probably have too many of them lol! Might be able to combine them, though the flower paper doesn't that much green, though I want to make some cards XD

Also bought an A3 portfolio, not for my work but to put my Big Bang posters in XD there was an even cheaper 30 sleeve one, but I think having 60 celebrity mini posters is a bit much >.<

Pre-ordered Inheritance by Christopher Paolini at Dymocks 'cause they give you a free book. I've been eagerly awaiting to see how the series goes... I have a friend who who is a big fantasy fan and refuses to read the series since Eragon was written when Paolini was fifteen. I can tell it's a book that would definitely appeal to the teenage base over some other books but Paolini's world really holds its own appeal!

from the inside

Also a new cookbook which I recevied from some lovely friends on my birthday. (The photo is from my mulberry tree.)

Here's a photo of a portion of my lunch today XD when I make it, I either veer to the very healthy or very unhealthy side of the food spectrum XD

Saturday, October 15, 2011

paper roses only

For my birthday, a friend of mine gave me some lovely kawasaki roses with red two-sided paper. I've attempted making these though couldn't really get the hang of it myself.

And here's a photo of one of those cute cupcakes from cupcake bakery ;)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sizzlix Big Shot and Painting Time!

And time goes by again... but I just bought a Sizzlix Big Shot... w00t!! though no embossing/cutting plates yet :( props to my sister for carrying the heavy thing! Reviews said it was similar to Cuttle Bug except that it could take the XL plates which made it #insert favourite swear word here# heavy :)

And in other news, I just finished painting this, a few nights worth of painting! Hope it passes the assignment because the paint isn't that smooth in some areas, and I had somehow gone for a more camouflage effect rather than making it stand out. -_- The colour is a mix of Chinese Orange and a hint of Crimson Red. I was originally going to paint a toucan but the teacher voted against it because it didn't have enough tone variations.

5 colours: original colour, 3 shades of it and white

Winsor&Newtown Gouache - Chinese Orange and Zinc White (which is better for mixing than the other one). I think the Chinese Orange isn't part of their range anymore as I bought it for 50% off.
Phoenix Gouache: Crimson Red
(They were the 14ml size and I pretty much squeezed the bottle dry, although I didn't use all the paint in the end, but it's good to have more because you need to pre-mix the shades.)
Brushes: Round 2, 4, 6 and Flat 1/4 (Artist First Choice Taklon & JasArt) The flat brush almost cost me as mucha s the other three combined >.<
Paper: A3 Watercolour Pad 3, Eraldo di Paolo, 300GSM medium tooth (I bought this for half price, huu~huu~ but I've only used 3 pages, having sold 2 to my classmates... yes sold... XD)

The cute puppy was based on this picture.

Not exactly sure on its origins but I found it through cute puppy (or something similar) from Google Images. But I'm pretty sure I had a higher quality one then the one shown ??

Another thing... As mentioned, I originally wanted to paint the toucan so I was thinking of buying a rainforesty blue, turned out I chose the wrong blue anyway! But since I had it, I painted this banner for a photography party which was inspired by a photojojo post on recreating your facebook profile. Close-up it's a little rough and the cardboard warped (don't use modge-podge >.<) but it looks fine in the photos :) (though I haven't seen the ones taken on the SLRs yet!)