Friday, October 14, 2011

Sizzlix Big Shot and Painting Time!

And time goes by again... but I just bought a Sizzlix Big Shot... w00t!! though no embossing/cutting plates yet :( props to my sister for carrying the heavy thing! Reviews said it was similar to Cuttle Bug except that it could take the XL plates which made it #insert favourite swear word here# heavy :)

And in other news, I just finished painting this, a few nights worth of painting! Hope it passes the assignment because the paint isn't that smooth in some areas, and I had somehow gone for a more camouflage effect rather than making it stand out. -_- The colour is a mix of Chinese Orange and a hint of Crimson Red. I was originally going to paint a toucan but the teacher voted against it because it didn't have enough tone variations.

5 colours: original colour, 3 shades of it and white

Winsor&Newtown Gouache - Chinese Orange and Zinc White (which is better for mixing than the other one). I think the Chinese Orange isn't part of their range anymore as I bought it for 50% off.
Phoenix Gouache: Crimson Red
(They were the 14ml size and I pretty much squeezed the bottle dry, although I didn't use all the paint in the end, but it's good to have more because you need to pre-mix the shades.)
Brushes: Round 2, 4, 6 and Flat 1/4 (Artist First Choice Taklon & JasArt) The flat brush almost cost me as mucha s the other three combined >.<
Paper: A3 Watercolour Pad 3, Eraldo di Paolo, 300GSM medium tooth (I bought this for half price, huu~huu~ but I've only used 3 pages, having sold 2 to my classmates... yes sold... XD)

The cute puppy was based on this picture.

Not exactly sure on its origins but I found it through cute puppy (or something similar) from Google Images. But I'm pretty sure I had a higher quality one then the one shown ??

Another thing... As mentioned, I originally wanted to paint the toucan so I was thinking of buying a rainforesty blue, turned out I chose the wrong blue anyway! But since I had it, I painted this banner for a photography party which was inspired by a photojojo post on recreating your facebook profile. Close-up it's a little rough and the cardboard warped (don't use modge-podge >.<) but it looks fine in the photos :) (though I haven't seen the ones taken on the SLRs yet!)

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