Thursday, April 26, 2012

If you stand at the window where I stood,
If you read the books that I read,
If we can be with each other even just like that,
Then let's count that as us being together...
I miss you.

(T.O.P from Big Bang's Secret Garden parody)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Book Depository UK - affiliate =D

Yay, I just created an affiliate link with Book Depository UK so expect some garmified book reviews ^^

As BookDepo followers will already know, there's a 10% off sale (off their rad prices) until 14th May, 2012 (Noon BST) :)

Here's a peek at my last BookDepo order

+ I also pre-ordered 'The Intrigues of Suzumiya Haruhi' which will arrive in two months =D

Some quick 5-second reviews :)

Anne of Green Gables Series books 3-7 (L.M. Montgomery)
I adore this series which I read when I was younger. Coming-of-age, keeping dreams alive, rememebering life is a balance of positive and negative.
*Already own #1-2 and will be ordering #8 soon

Ranger's Apprentice #7 (John Flanagan)
Great series for teens. About a boy in a medieval like world with knights, kings, strange creatures and an elite force called rangers.
*Just finished collecting the series.

Homecoming; Dicey's Song (Cynthia Voigt)
Great coming of age story that has won quite a few awards, basically a 14 year old girl who takes her three younger siblings across many (many many) miles (not sure of my US geography) after their mother disappears. They hope to find her at a cousin's home (original destination) but have to walk the distance as they don't have enough for a bus fare.
*Already own a previous release of 3 books and missing 2 of the series

Suzumiya Haruhi; The Rampage of & The Wavering of (Nagaru Tanigawa)
I first read this quirky series online as it was translated from Japanese by a fangroup called Baka-Tsuki, after it was licensed they took it down but I enjoyed reading it so decided to purchase the series. Each novel is quite short but light novels are popular in Japan and many have become animes or dramas such as this one!
*Collecting as they come out

Don't forget: ^^

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Paper Petals #2

Came home today from the second Paper Petals meet where we exhanged our first set of cards. There are currently six people so I received 5 pretty new designs.

I ended up making my card till the last minute huhu T.T (in between chores here and there!) I wanted to incorporate a technique so I scoured through my books and magazines taking notes... I finally came up with an idea involving acetate (similar to overhead projector sheets) but couldn't get the creative juice to flow -_- So I thought about it over dinner and decided that I would use my idea for a Christmas card :)

***which meant back to the drawing board***

I decided to make something similar to a design that caught my eye before, really liked the pale colour coordination. I cut out the right scraps and things (the blue paper I used had a matching ink, but luckily the pink I had around the house worked together well).

I had a few issues with the layout and how the elements worked together as I made one big change which was the strip down the middle was cut with a border punch so many other elements had to change.

I worked something out (although my "no two cards are the same" policy got in the way) and set to writing out the instructions, despaired when I had to write it out eight times, so typed it up and went to look at the OfficeWorks website about document printing... their website was down... -_-

(An aside, I did go to Office works and I even bought a copy card - free to purchase but have to insert $1 or $2 coin... then couldn't figure out how to print so went to the counter and it's all done from there... goodbye $2 coin...)

Anyway, I'm generally happy with the card and I did write that alternatively it could be made as a gatefold card (i.e. it opens like saloon doors lol), but after making it, I think I should have made the actual card to be a gatefold card because the paper is layered and just looks like it will open lol

Instructions I used for the swap


  • Swirl: “Baroque Motifs” (Stampin’ Up)
  • Sentiment: “Baroque Motifs” (Stampin’ Up)
    OR “French Phrases” #45797 (Sullivans)
  • Script: “Secret Bird Society” (kaisercraft clear stamps)
  • Blue; “Pool Party” (Stampin’ Up)
  • Pink; N/A
  • Pink ribbon; rhinestones (if applicable); white embossing powder; Versamark; border punch (fiskars “spreading water”)
  1. Cut blue cardstock approx. 5cm by 14cm (Or an A4 cut into 8 pieces)
  2. Stamp the script stamp 2/3s of the way down the card
  3. Place pink ribbon on the blue card (in the empty space); jazz it up with knots, bows, rhinestones, layering, criss-cross effects
  4. Cut pink cardstock approx. 10cm by 14cm (Or an A4 cut into 4 pieces)
  5. Use an edge punch on one long edge
  6. Stamp the script stamp 1/3 of the way up the card
  7. Stamp the swirl with Versamark and emboss with white embossing powder
  8. Cut a strip of the blue paper and emboss a sentiment onto the paper
  9. Place the sentiment onto the pink card over the script stamp
  10. Glue the pieces side-by-side onto a folded card
  • Create it as a gatefold card
  • At step 1., trim the card about 2cm shorter and use that piece for the sentiment
  • Switch the colours/layout of the elements
  • Add glitter to the holes (border punch)
I also learnt how to make rosettes and was given a plain tag to decorate, if only I could make something as beautiful as this!

A close-up of some other swaps!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pretty pieces and cards (and my bad drawing skills)

Just wanted to show a little prize I received from another blog called Khatsii's Adventures, she does some great pieces on make-up (which she purchases herself), happenings in her life and other things she recommends such as iPhone apps, food in Melbourne, quick and stylish outfits! Sorry, did I mention sunglasses!!!
The unveiling...

A little note & cute erasers

lip gloss and eye shadow

phone charms, the cat and fish are actually separate charms but I have a feeling they were put in together on purpose ^^
 It was a competition that you did with a friend so afterwards, Frejya and I also made a card together (after two hours sleep might I add).

And here are some DrawSomethings XD My phone doesn't support screenshots ('cause of that root thing) so that's why you can see the lines on the screen lol! What a funky app lol XD

Couldn't resist writing egg lol... one of the games I played actually spelt out my name =D but the answer to that one was marine -_-

close up of the drawing, can't remember the answer but I thought it was a good drawing for a phone :P

my drawing for tumblr lol!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello Kitty's Meowtacular Buffet

I've been to this buffet twice, once on a Tuesday and then the following Friday, lol! Our tour guide recommended the place because it was quite close to the accomodation, but he said it was funny when it first opened, the only Hello Kitty related item was a big board outside the restaurant with big Hello Kitty picture XD.

Since then, I think they made quite a few changes, Hello-Kitty wise! There are two different types of Hello Kitty's inside, Hula Hello Kitty and Dessert Head Hello Kitty :). They have a few desserts on display such as a H-K cake and H-K chocolate, toys and a H-K mascot parading around for photos. At the entrance is a shop with mechandise such as shirts, mugs, bags and a possibly-not-for-sale-but-amazing Hello Kitty ukelele!!

Had different experiences on both days, I found that Friday night, because there were more diners, it seemed like there was less food and there were a few things we wanted our friends to try which weren't put out or ran out quickly such as the bamboo charcoal nuts and abalone. It was probably because the weekeend nights will always be the busy period, the first night I went with 2 people and then we dragged our other friends over for another buffet run ;).

The place was pretty cool, being Japanese inspired, there was a teppanyaki grill and sushi bar, a beautiful dessert bar as well as a mini dessert bar for healthier soy and tofu based desserts and the usual but delicious seafood buffet fare. One of the highlights of the second night was a really nice Japanese cheesecake I didn't sample the first time around :P.

P.S. I went at the end of 2010.

Some more photos from the buffet!

The desserts

Some Hello Kitty purchases I made from ABC store, great place to get souvies!

I'm a little disappointed I bought so many post-its in Hawaii because the ones in Las Vegas were slightly different. The one I went to in Las Vegas was located in Freemont St (though apparently there are 8 of them, lol).

t-shirt (not ironed :/)

the ones I kept


looked all over for the one I liked best XD

Other Hello Kitty stuff I have (that I could find ^^)


keyring I use for my USBs

Makitti Hawaii
Address : 2380 kuhio Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815 U.S.A.
Phone : 808-923-2260
Business Hours : 10:30am - 10:00pm

ABC Stores
Location: Hawaii and one in Las Vegas lol