Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello Kitty's Meowtacular Buffet

I've been to this buffet twice, once on a Tuesday and then the following Friday, lol! Our tour guide recommended the place because it was quite close to the accomodation, but he said it was funny when it first opened, the only Hello Kitty related item was a big board outside the restaurant with big Hello Kitty picture XD.

Since then, I think they made quite a few changes, Hello-Kitty wise! There are two different types of Hello Kitty's inside, Hula Hello Kitty and Dessert Head Hello Kitty :). They have a few desserts on display such as a H-K cake and H-K chocolate, toys and a H-K mascot parading around for photos. At the entrance is a shop with mechandise such as shirts, mugs, bags and a possibly-not-for-sale-but-amazing Hello Kitty ukelele!!

Had different experiences on both days, I found that Friday night, because there were more diners, it seemed like there was less food and there were a few things we wanted our friends to try which weren't put out or ran out quickly such as the bamboo charcoal nuts and abalone. It was probably because the weekeend nights will always be the busy period, the first night I went with 2 people and then we dragged our other friends over for another buffet run ;).

The place was pretty cool, being Japanese inspired, there was a teppanyaki grill and sushi bar, a beautiful dessert bar as well as a mini dessert bar for healthier soy and tofu based desserts and the usual but delicious seafood buffet fare. One of the highlights of the second night was a really nice Japanese cheesecake I didn't sample the first time around :P.

P.S. I went at the end of 2010.

Some more photos from the buffet!

The desserts

Some Hello Kitty purchases I made from ABC store, great place to get souvies!

I'm a little disappointed I bought so many post-its in Hawaii because the ones in Las Vegas were slightly different. The one I went to in Las Vegas was located in Freemont St (though apparently there are 8 of them, lol).

t-shirt (not ironed :/)

the ones I kept


looked all over for the one I liked best XD

Other Hello Kitty stuff I have (that I could find ^^)


keyring I use for my USBs

Makitti Hawaii
Address : 2380 kuhio Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815 U.S.A.
Phone : 808-923-2260
Business Hours : 10:30am - 10:00pm

ABC Stores
Location: Hawaii and one in Las Vegas lol

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