Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Book Depository UK - affiliate =D

Yay, I just created an affiliate link with Book Depository UK so expect some garmified book reviews ^^

As BookDepo followers will already know, there's a 10% off sale (off their rad prices) until 14th May, 2012 (Noon BST) :)

Here's a peek at my last BookDepo order

+ I also pre-ordered 'The Intrigues of Suzumiya Haruhi' which will arrive in two months =D

Some quick 5-second reviews :)

Anne of Green Gables Series books 3-7 (L.M. Montgomery)
I adore this series which I read when I was younger. Coming-of-age, keeping dreams alive, rememebering life is a balance of positive and negative.
*Already own #1-2 and will be ordering #8 soon

Ranger's Apprentice #7 (John Flanagan)
Great series for teens. About a boy in a medieval like world with knights, kings, strange creatures and an elite force called rangers.
*Just finished collecting the series.

Homecoming; Dicey's Song (Cynthia Voigt)
Great coming of age story that has won quite a few awards, basically a 14 year old girl who takes her three younger siblings across many (many many) miles (not sure of my US geography) after their mother disappears. They hope to find her at a cousin's home (original destination) but have to walk the distance as they don't have enough for a bus fare.
*Already own a previous release of 3 books and missing 2 of the series

Suzumiya Haruhi; The Rampage of & The Wavering of (Nagaru Tanigawa)
I first read this quirky series online as it was translated from Japanese by a fangroup called Baka-Tsuki, after it was licensed they took it down but I enjoyed reading it so decided to purchase the series. Each novel is quite short but light novels are popular in Japan and many have become animes or dramas such as this one!
*Collecting as they come out

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