Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Don't forget your shield!

till 26 August 2012

Yesterday I helped out at the Powerhouse Museum on the Narnia Shields which is a part of their school holiday program which is related to the Narnia exhibiton.

For $5 you are provided with a silver shield as well as some lovely decorations such as coloured stripes and symbols. Each of the colours and symbols have means e.g. the lion means warrior (I'll try to get a copy of the info later as I forgot to yesterday).

You can also visit play.powerhouse.com to download a template for the sword and helmet as displayed by this lovely umm... mannequin thing.

I made a sword myself which is being displayed by my friend!

And here's my own shield!

I also went as a visitor on the weekend to check out some of the other exhibitions... :)

Faith Fashion Fusion - an exhibition on the style of Muslim Women in Australia
till February 2013

If you are able to catch the Boulton and Watt on a steam day, it's such a fun experience seeing it in action and one of the earliest and largest examples in the world which still runs!
Permanent feature

Lego Brickworks - ten amazing instalments by various artists including Adriano Zumbo (pâtissier and macaron extraordinaire) and Benja Harney (self taught paper engineer - I love seeing his works!)
till 30 July 2012


Wiggles Exhibition - here's a sample of the paper rose making station; I would have a shown a photo but my rose failed dismally... :/
The Wiggles exhibit will be in for at least another year, maybe longer?

Here's a view from the Member's Lounge - it's actually the first time I've been to it (I've been to the one that used to be on level 4)

An afternoon city view on the way back to the station