Monday, February 28, 2011

love birds

Occasion: Engagement

I made this card for a highschool friend's engagement party. I even made the envelope, wowee!! =D

Matching back

-scrapbooking paper (various)
-holepunch from stampin' up
-stamps: Hampton Art "SC0040 Whoo Loves You?"
-golden heart sticker (usually used for sealing envelopes)
-I love this ink colour! It's Dew Drop Brilliance Pearlescent "Orchid"

Made: November 2010

Saturday, February 26, 2011

lace and buttons to tea

This is my sister's diary which she asked me to make when she saw me sneakily take out materials for my own :P

Rather than using the Spray Bond again, my diary still feels all sticky :( (although it's been less than a day), I decided to sew it up (+ use double sided tape!) because her one was actually a diary holder, I pre-stuck all the buttons and rhinstones, sewed on the lace and key before sewing the whole thing.

Stitching the lace in

Sewing up the cover

Inner cover-not tucked in yet

Close up of the surprise 'I' which was added

original design for reference-nothing glued yet

Just annoyed that the key is a bit too close to the middle, it should be a tad more to the right!

Materials used:
-iron-on rhinestones
-Craft buttons (Aldi)
-Red lace - it was free because I used a voucher XD
-Golden key emebellishment
--> mostly from Lincraft

Thursday, February 24, 2011

happiness cloud raining on an umbrella near you!

So I bought a diary for this year and decided to put a new design on it (this was about a month and a half ago... ahem). I actually wanted to do the same thing last year, but the diary had such a nice cover on it already and it also had a yearly planner on the inner cover and opening page!

Back cover

I figured out a general design and collected most of the materials needed after the purchase but finally finished it!

After finishing, I realised the design was a bit too low, so experimented with some lace, although nothing has been glued on yet!

The diary I covered, nice and bright colour, yeah, I know it was being covered but still purposely chose this colour! The ribbon bookmark matches the original colour!

Materials used:
-Lace from a craft show
-Buttons from craft button pack
-denim, felt and the back of a curtain material (was originally going to use the blue side)
-iron-on stones/studs
-PVA glue and also 'Fuller' permanent spray bond

I was also supposed to do a fake stich around the cloud but forgot about it as I didn't have the thick thread on hand, when my sister came home she said "hey, you should have done the embroidery on the cloud"... =_='''

Last year's pretty in pink diary

Monday, February 21, 2011


Occasion: Birthday for RSA

1. Gaming --> Pacman --> elements of Pokemon
2. The 80s gaming era (inspiration also from the 'Back to the 80s' exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum 2010)
3. cup noodle

This was the first group card I made for 2011, actually, I don't think I've made one for months so had to go have some fun with this. Had some trouble envisioning the final design and with the printer settings but made it through in the end! (Was it painful drawing all those dots? Maybe a little XD)

-plenty of printed pictures, the dots were redrawn with a pen
-rhinestones of all colours and sizes
-apple holepunch from 100-yen store in Japan
-scrapbook paper: Grace Taylor Contempo Collection from Big W
-Pacman is actually made from foam, I had a set of smiley face foam circles which I reversed
-as I had already cut the paper up, the black was initially an A3 piece, I stuck two pieces of cardboard with a rhinestone brad (stampin' up) (Yeah, I so did not need to especially buy an A3 piece of cardboard -_-)

from the left: chopticks, made them mysself =D; tomato sauce- the edges cut with zig-zag scissors, kettle for hot water and the actual cup noodles!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doraemon is purple?

Occasion: Benraemon's Birthday

1. Doraemon
2. colour purple lol
3. Tradition ;)

Modeled by the lovely Toby!

-It's pretty much just made with cardboard and paper! I accidentally left some ink residue on the front so I tried cleaning it with white ink, doesn't work...
-see the purple paper, it's from my scrap paper collection and is actually from an old financial institition guide I would have picked up from a career fest.

I posted this off just in time before my friend went overseas ^^

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sometimes Spring arrives a little late

Occasion: Birthday

1. Really love to use my scissors with the edges, zig-zag!
2. Kimberly!
3. Spring (yeah, I know, it's the end of Summer...)

(Displayed on a water feature)

I didn't have much time to put the card together as the dinner invite came a few hours before the event although I did have the present a few months earlier, you'd think I would have had a card ready too... ;)

-scrapbook paper from daisyhill 6x6 pad
-flower from scrapbook pack
-leaf holepunch from kaisercraft
-butterfly shaped ribbon from craft show
-happy birthday stickers
-various rhinestones

and a rotated view for those who don't want to spin their heads.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

I made these at the Powerhouse Museum as they were holding celebrations over the two weekends of Chinese New Year.

Material cost as advertised was $2 each.
Chinese knotting buddy: Sodalis
Thanks also to Matt who tightened the knot on it for me and the other volunteer for teaching me (didn't catch her name)

Chinese Knotting Display by artist Dadi Xiong - she worked on the tassel for the 2008 Beijing Olympics!!