Monday, February 20, 2012

Pretty Cruise foods - Part 2

Finally grabbed a few more piccies from my friends although I'm still missing 25GB worth from the DSLR friend though he didn't have many food piccies so I can wait for now!

Lovebird coffee, how cute ^^

Starting off with some french toast

Entree with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt to dip the rolls in

Or some pumpkin soup if you prefer!

A delightfully refreshing salad (with mango!)


Crescent moon powah!

Fruit kebobbles ftw

Droolworthy cheesecake *hearts*

cheese platter contestant no. 1

cheese platter contestant no. 2

cocktail time - midori splice (oh yeah!!!)

or some other alcoholic beverage to choose from

Some traditional food of the island

or some French cuisine if that suits your palate

Some beautifully fresh seafood, no additional flavours needed!

Ok, so this pic is not so pretty but hey, if it wasn't good it wouldn't look like this!

edit: Looks like it will part 2 of 3 as one of my friends had two cameras and the food one is the other one la >.<

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tequila Sunrise

A friend of mine had a cocktail night for her birthday so I made her this pretty card ^^

It's based ont he envelope style card so you can pull another card out which has the message on it and attached to that is a mini umbrella and a lemon.

  • Stampin' Up Calypso Coral ink
  • Happy Birthday in Chinese (from a market stall) 
  • embossed with Versamark and white embossing powder
  • yellow rhinestone

  • Skewer
  • Triangle cut out from Japanese washi paper
  • "Cherry" from a balloon punch
  • Lemon, drew a half circle (I think I used yellow paper) and an orange pen - Marvy Brush Marker NO.7 orange

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cupcake decoration and macarons workshop

Cupcake decoration and macarons workshop I went to at Carrick Education. P.S. photos are random i.e. not linked to the specific thing I'm saying, lol


Bought one of those deals for a six hour class. I made my way early in the morning *yawn* to the campus. It's located quite close to central, just walk through Prince Alfred park (although the entrance is actually not on Cleveland St but just around the corner.

We were divided into two classes and started with the macarons, I finally understand what feet are now, I remember listening to Adriano Zumbo talk about it a while ago and being lost about what he was saying! Fairly standard stuff, although my friend and I were situated close to one of the full-time students who was helping out for the day and he was a huge help with cheking the consistency of the mix and getting us extra equipment. We decided to go with blue and came out with a wonderful colour, dubbed by my friend Tiff as Tiffany blue!

We were shown how to make the ganache and red velvet cupcakes while we went on to mixing together the cream cheese icing (we had to do some washing up in between!) while also keeping an eye on the clock. P.S. Tiffany blue again!

The teacher showed us how to pipe out the fondant icing and let us loose!

We thought that the class was finished afterwards but to our surprise they let us run amok with some fondant. We were taught to make a penguin holding a rose and allowed to make our own creations afterwards. P.P.S. Tiffany's again XD

Friday, February 10, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Pop-up card

Here's an Alice in Wonderland themed card I made for a pop-up assignment for TAFE. Apparently the full-time students made a whole story book, but since we don't even get half the same amount of class time, we just needed to make a card (which I spent hours on at home anyway lol!)


  • Yes, I realise the 'A' on the bottom right of the card should be upside down, couldn't fix the mistake :(
  • The Alice is based on the Nintendo DS Alice
    The teapot and cup are a bit messy but were made with watercolour
  • The background is gouache
  • Alice's headband is made with glitter
    The "Bonne Fete" i.e. the green bit on the back of the card doesn't really match but looks a lot better than what was handed in!
  • The blue swirls with the key and stamp is an envelope for a message

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Doraemon can fly!

I've traditionally made a Doraemon themed card for my friend each year, haven't seen him for yonks but not wanting to break the tradition, I combined my current 'hot air ballon' card addiction with a Doraemon head lol!

As usual, I cut the shapes out myself, I inked the paper around the eyes so they would turn up more. Lacking red ribbon, I used my ink pens to colour a ribbon so the paper did get slightly stained and then I strung a little bell on it (I think these are the only times I've used them, *sigh*). Rather than just stick foam tape around the edges, I added extra tape at the top of the balloon so it makes the balloon stick out more at the top!

As the background, rather than the usual swirls/medallion, I used my Chinese Happy Birthday stamp with versamark and chalk, but since I randomly placed colours it didn't look that great so I did add some elegant purple swirls! (most of it gets covered anyway -_-)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hoshi no Koe

There are so many things that conjure up emotion...
The softness of dirt in Spring...
Clouds in the Summer sky...
The smell of the Autumn wind...
The sound of raindrops on a silk umbrella...
The chill in the air on the way home from school...
The scent of the chalkboard eraser...
The sound of a distant truck driving away in the night...
Or the safe and comforting feel of a convenience store late at night...

I just wanted to share all these feelings with you...
For the rest of my life.

Just a nice set of words from the Hoshi no Koe (the voices of a distant star) manga.

---Adapted by Mizu Sahara
---Created by Makoto Shinkai

Definitely a recommended anime short movie. Basically about love through space and time. It was originally voice acted by Makoto Shinkai and his wife and made on his computer. Now the voices have been redone and Makoto Shinkai has made other movies such as: