Friday, February 10, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Pop-up card

Here's an Alice in Wonderland themed card I made for a pop-up assignment for TAFE. Apparently the full-time students made a whole story book, but since we don't even get half the same amount of class time, we just needed to make a card (which I spent hours on at home anyway lol!)


  • Yes, I realise the 'A' on the bottom right of the card should be upside down, couldn't fix the mistake :(
  • The Alice is based on the Nintendo DS Alice
    The teapot and cup are a bit messy but were made with watercolour
  • The background is gouache
  • Alice's headband is made with glitter
    The "Bonne Fete" i.e. the green bit on the back of the card doesn't really match but looks a lot better than what was handed in!
  • The blue swirls with the key and stamp is an envelope for a message

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