Sunday, February 5, 2012

Doraemon can fly!

I've traditionally made a Doraemon themed card for my friend each year, haven't seen him for yonks but not wanting to break the tradition, I combined my current 'hot air ballon' card addiction with a Doraemon head lol!

As usual, I cut the shapes out myself, I inked the paper around the eyes so they would turn up more. Lacking red ribbon, I used my ink pens to colour a ribbon so the paper did get slightly stained and then I strung a little bell on it (I think these are the only times I've used them, *sigh*). Rather than just stick foam tape around the edges, I added extra tape at the top of the balloon so it makes the balloon stick out more at the top!

As the background, rather than the usual swirls/medallion, I used my Chinese Happy Birthday stamp with versamark and chalk, but since I randomly placed colours it didn't look that great so I did add some elegant purple swirls! (most of it gets covered anyway -_-)

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