Monday, February 20, 2012

Pretty Cruise foods - Part 2

Finally grabbed a few more piccies from my friends although I'm still missing 25GB worth from the DSLR friend though he didn't have many food piccies so I can wait for now!

Lovebird coffee, how cute ^^

Starting off with some french toast

Entree with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt to dip the rolls in

Or some pumpkin soup if you prefer!

A delightfully refreshing salad (with mango!)


Crescent moon powah!

Fruit kebobbles ftw

Droolworthy cheesecake *hearts*

cheese platter contestant no. 1

cheese platter contestant no. 2

cocktail time - midori splice (oh yeah!!!)

or some other alcoholic beverage to choose from

Some traditional food of the island

or some French cuisine if that suits your palate

Some beautifully fresh seafood, no additional flavours needed!

Ok, so this pic is not so pretty but hey, if it wasn't good it wouldn't look like this!

edit: Looks like it will part 2 of 3 as one of my friends had two cameras and the food one is the other one la >.<

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