Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cupcake decoration and macarons workshop

Cupcake decoration and macarons workshop I went to at Carrick Education. P.S. photos are random i.e. not linked to the specific thing I'm saying, lol


Bought one of those deals for a six hour class. I made my way early in the morning *yawn* to the campus. It's located quite close to central, just walk through Prince Alfred park (although the entrance is actually not on Cleveland St but just around the corner.

We were divided into two classes and started with the macarons, I finally understand what feet are now, I remember listening to Adriano Zumbo talk about it a while ago and being lost about what he was saying! Fairly standard stuff, although my friend and I were situated close to one of the full-time students who was helping out for the day and he was a huge help with cheking the consistency of the mix and getting us extra equipment. We decided to go with blue and came out with a wonderful colour, dubbed by my friend Tiff as Tiffany blue!

We were shown how to make the ganache and red velvet cupcakes while we went on to mixing together the cream cheese icing (we had to do some washing up in between!) while also keeping an eye on the clock. P.S. Tiffany blue again!

The teacher showed us how to pipe out the fondant icing and let us loose!

We thought that the class was finished afterwards but to our surprise they let us run amok with some fondant. We were taught to make a penguin holding a rose and allowed to make our own creations afterwards. P.P.S. Tiffany's again XD

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