Saturday, February 26, 2011

lace and buttons to tea

This is my sister's diary which she asked me to make when she saw me sneakily take out materials for my own :P

Rather than using the Spray Bond again, my diary still feels all sticky :( (although it's been less than a day), I decided to sew it up (+ use double sided tape!) because her one was actually a diary holder, I pre-stuck all the buttons and rhinstones, sewed on the lace and key before sewing the whole thing.

Stitching the lace in

Sewing up the cover

Inner cover-not tucked in yet

Close up of the surprise 'I' which was added

original design for reference-nothing glued yet

Just annoyed that the key is a bit too close to the middle, it should be a tad more to the right!

Materials used:
-iron-on rhinestones
-Craft buttons (Aldi)
-Red lace - it was free because I used a voucher XD
-Golden key emebellishment
--> mostly from Lincraft

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