Monday, April 16, 2012

Pretty pieces and cards (and my bad drawing skills)

Just wanted to show a little prize I received from another blog called Khatsii's Adventures, she does some great pieces on make-up (which she purchases herself), happenings in her life and other things she recommends such as iPhone apps, food in Melbourne, quick and stylish outfits! Sorry, did I mention sunglasses!!!
The unveiling...

A little note & cute erasers

lip gloss and eye shadow

phone charms, the cat and fish are actually separate charms but I have a feeling they were put in together on purpose ^^
 It was a competition that you did with a friend so afterwards, Frejya and I also made a card together (after two hours sleep might I add).

And here are some DrawSomethings XD My phone doesn't support screenshots ('cause of that root thing) so that's why you can see the lines on the screen lol! What a funky app lol XD

Couldn't resist writing egg lol... one of the games I played actually spelt out my name =D but the answer to that one was marine -_-

close up of the drawing, can't remember the answer but I thought it was a good drawing for a phone :P

my drawing for tumblr lol!

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