Thursday, March 10, 2011

life's a cake, so why not jump in?

Occasion: Birthday

1. Garek looks like a monkey
2. It would be funny if I threw cake at Garek
3. the cute jungle stickers I bought

This is the first card I posted in the mail =D I decided to send this card to my friend because I'd already decided to buy him a set of funny post-its for graduation (as he was going on to do a thesis-or something... elsewhere), but after a bit of a mishap, it ended up being a birthday gift!

-Ribbon from the dollar store :P
-Scrapbook paper: Grace Taylor Contempo Collection from Big W
-Happy Birthday sticker (I also used the bits and pieces to stick around the ribbon, you know, the sticker parts such as the hole in the 'a')
-cute monkey sticker

I've started using less ribbon when gift wrapping these days, just in case I think it will be needed on a card XD

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