Sunday, March 20, 2011

Link's washing

Occasion: Birthday for JK

1. Zelda games
2. felt
3. the triforce, lol!

Made this card for a highschool friend who really loves his RPGs, especially Zelda! One of his favourites is the game Golden Sun. I once gave him a copy of Zelda/Minish Cap for his birthday as well!

I sort of had the idea of using the felt to make the costume already, but I couldn't think of how to get Link onto the card so in the end I ended up making just the costume. I'd always wanted to buy those cute little craft pegs but as I didn't have any at the time I just used two gold safety pins (which I think are possibly the ones they give you at City2Surf to pin your number on). And that is stuck onto a Happy Birthday ribbon.

[On another note, I ended up buying those little pegs a few months later, I bought a DVD for my friend and needed to wrap it, but without scissors and tape, I ended up tearing tissue paper and clipping it together with the pegs - note: it didn't really work! (I'm not going to buy new scissors and tape lol) ]

The costume is made from:
- green felt
- white foam
- green cardboard
- gold ribbon
- 'L' shape, from a kid's mini beading set, the L actually had two small rings at the top which I pulled off


Sword, Boomerang, Boots: All just cut-out from cardboard, although I painted the sword silver

Slingshot: cardboard
Bombs: black paper (from a magazine), bubble stickers, thread
Shield: cardboard and raised with foam stickers

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