Thursday, March 3, 2011

it's-a mario... in-a tokyo!

Mario Tokyo
(Pizza with a Japanese Twist) <-- their own line! Recently went to an interesting restaurant with Ness. It was a Japanese inspired cafe run by Koreans, the food on the menu was pretty much, pizza, pasta and salads! They played some K-Pop music during our stay - win! ;)

We had the friend's set menu XD which included 2 drinks, pizza, pasta and salad. This covered almost any item from the menu, though I did have a surcharge for my drink.

Seafood Pasta - tomato based

Bulgogi Pizza

(have to say, I honestly don't remember what other pizzas there were as we just ordered it based on the word bulgogi lol, and the girls at the table next to us ordered the same pizza!)

Caprese Salad (with extra dressing =D)

Drink: Iced Mocha

The restaurant itself had the cutest interior which was what caught her eye when she went restaurant window shopping!




Mario Tokyo
Shop 2, Strathfield Plaza,
II The Boulevarde,
Mario Tokyo

The back of their business card which was the design on the walls, mega cute!

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