Friday, March 25, 2011

joint party ribbons

Occasion: Birthday


1. matching cards
2. ribbon
3. effect of stampnig on patterned paper

Made these cards as a pair last year as I was attending a joint birthday party! I remember trying to look for parking and then getting sick the next day, as this was the start of start of Winter! Other than that, it was a nice catch up with the engos :)


This card is basically just white with a pink edged border, a pink and blue ribbon which ties it to the other card, Happy Birthfay sticker, pearl embellishments, shooting star sticker (it's on a white backing so can only work on white cards) and images stamped onto patterned paper. I think the dots give it an interesting effect, though the butterfly sometimes looks upside-down.


Similar to the previous card... white cardboard and edged in blue ink, same sticker and there's some ribbon too. There is a patterned piece of blue paper covered in two blue ribbons. The top ribbon has a star cutout of the same paper and another ribbon tied into a knot. Knots creat nice effects and are good when you don't have enough ribbon or just find ribbon tying troublesome.

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