Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Graduand --> Graduate

(from Ben)

yay excitement!!! I just graduated from my university course after many long years ^_^ it was actually a night ceremony, if you count 6.30 as night although we are able to collect our graduation gowns 3 hours prior to the ceremony!

I went to get my hair and nails done in the morning, and then rushed down a big lunch (as I wouldn't get food till 8) and ended up getting my gown around 4 while wearing my thongs and dress!

Wandered around for some photos, meeting some of the lovely bunch I spent my uni years with (and on the day they were a.k.a 'other friends'), never quite making it to my faculty's own building!

P.S. Why don't graduation gowns have a mini pocket for phones??

Took a few night photos in the showering rain with my businessy friends bunch and then headed off to pancakes at the rocks for a long awaited munch!

On another note, this is what Sodalis made me as a graduation gift ^_^

Thanks to all those who attended :)

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