Thursday, March 31, 2011

I ♥ NY

Occasion: Birthday

1. I ♥ NY t-shirts
2. Theme America lols!
3. Matching stuff XD

My friend Josh had a dinner party at one of those Brazillian BBQ restaurants one year and his chosen dress theme was America! He previously had a themed birthday for gangster and in the end decided to back out while half of us had come decked out in our gangster grandeur...

I thought of making one of those I
♥NY t-shirts and while thinking about it, decided to make it different (or at least dependant on what I could find in the stores...). Did some research on painting fabrics, acrylic is ok but fabric paint is better!

Ended up buying small bottles of red, black and white paint. I also bought a black singlet top to be different... which costed more than I wanted to pay -_- should have just stuck to the black t-shirt but didn't have time to look in the stores!

When I went home, printed out the
I♥NY and painstakingly cut it out onto clear contact paper for wrapping books (ok, it wasn't tha-a-at bad...). The other method is using freezer paper which I didn't have at the time.

I put the shirt over a flat board using bulldog clips, stuck the template on and painted the design on. I used silver paint as the colour's effect on black was quite nice. Did some ironing with the design under a cloth when it dried and it was ready!

There was another guy at the party with the authentic
I♥NY t-shirt lol!!

For the card, I made a mini t-shirt. The original idea had the shirt on a clothesline but scrapped that idea due to size. The letters were hand written with a stamp pen (which is why it looks dodgy!) and the heart was made using foam stamp (have to be careful not to press too hard) and them embossed with clear embossing powder!

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