Sunday, August 12, 2012

SMASH convention part 3

Not much more to say! I had a lot of fun at SMASH but I felt a bit guilty I didn't mind the stall as long as the others because I couldn't fit between the tables due to my petticoat! I looked after it at the end of the day and did witness two of my cards being sold, yay! ^^

I think my favourite parts would have been the mini photobooth from Japan Foundation and the official photobooth :)

This is my goodie haul from the day...

Hair clips from Romance Noir which match my GL coord and some cute charms from another stall (trying to figure out which one)
Stalls: Romance Noir & (unknown)

Badges and keychains from our neighbouring stall! I was totally eyeing the 'Alphonse chasing the cat' all day ^^ It's actually a keychain/bottle opener. I also bought another badge (not pictured) so they gifted me with the other Alphonse badge which matches perfectly with my Totoro bag ^^
Stall: Popo Studio

These were gifts from Frejya, the panda key holder was from a cute stall she was next to last year, trying to think of the name! The felt cookie was one of her creations!
Stalls: (unknown) and Frejya

I won vol 4. from Madman (I thought I was winning vol. 1 lol!) so I went to their stall where they were selling manga for $10 =D but they only had 2 and 4 in stock :(
Stall: Madman

Free postcard in vol 2

Very cute artwork from j-b0x (I purchased her cards last year too and they're displayed on my bookshelf!)
Stall/Artist: j-b0x (

Cardcaptor Sakura poster (free from Madman) as the V.A Tange Sakura was in the house! Though I didn't get the chance to meet her :(

Very cool Mario Kart art
Stall/Artist: (unknown)
A3 of only Pikachu, so cuuuuuuuute! :3
Stall/Artist: (unknown)

Cutest handcarved stamp ever! I was actually browsing from the opening time but when I went back to the store the artist only had one left in a stamp set and she graciously pulled out this single stamp to sell me ^^
Stall/Artist: (unknown)
Edward art, so cute!!!
Stall/Artist: (unknown)
Free poster from the above artist ^^
Stall/Artist: (unknown)

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