Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SMASH convention part 1

Wow, another month passes and I haven't posted >.<  The most exciting thing since the last post was probably SMASH, the anime and manga convention I went to! It's only the second time I've been to an anime convention (the first one being the previous year's SMASH!!)

Last year I purchased a head dress of my talented friend at Frejya Headdresses, so I sort of promised I would dress up this year. (Technically it wasn't cosplay so I still can't say I've cosplayed yet) I did lots of reading up on gothic lolita and finally settled on getting this skirt from Anna House in Hong Kong, there were so many chances I missed but I finally had my aforementioned friend's parents purchase it for me :)

photo from annahousefashion
 I matched it with the following:

Top from Tokyo Fashion (on YesStyle)
 Tie-Neck Lace-Trim Ruffled Blouse

photo from yesstyle

Cardigan 1 from Tokyo Fashion (on YesStyle)
 Ruched-Sleeve Cropped Cardigan
Not sure if I liked the ruched-sleeves with the ruffle cardi in the end, but I had to wear something because gpthic lolita should be modest!

photo from yesstyle

Cardigan 2 from Dangerfield (Brand: Revival)
I wore this less as it got quite warm inside the con even though it was mid-July. I actually bought the black with pink dots but I misplaced it in my room somewhere so I'll just have to stick with the shop's photo

Cute dot patterned thick stockings from Big W

Petticoat (handmade) - but since I used netting it scratched up my stockings a bit T_T as I didn't have time to fix the edges
I used the rocknrollbride tutorial to make one petticoat and was going to layer a second on top which I just pieced together from reading various other tutorials and from my experience making the first petti, but I ended up only using the second petticoat as it was super fluffy. This is because I sewed two layers of netting to the fabric underneath in two rows.


Head dress from Frejya Headdresses

Crocheted bag with bows
I handmade the bows from felt using rainbowholic's Kawaii DIY tutorial, on the way to Frejya's house, I thought to myself, I should have put pink bows on my shoes, boohoo XP

Black boots with bow - purchased in Japan
 They're not really shoes that fall under the gothic lolita umbrella but they did have bows and they did match!! Although my feet didn't thank me at the end of the day especially since it's a bit of a(n uphill) walk to the station. This photo is actually from two years ago, my sister and I had lots of shoes, some of which shared boxes lol so I photographed all our shoes so we could stick pictures to the boxes!

Random matching jewellery (various)


Nail stickers from Face Shop
Have to admit I ran out of time so in rushing I stuffed up the stickers :( but generally they are quite easy to apply! I used them over a light OPI pink (I'm not sure of the colour atm as my sis borrowed it). This photo was from the first time I used them for a high tea session ;)

I also bought these two items from yesstyle when I bought the cardigan and top!

Bear in Hot Air Balloon Necklace
from Cuteberry 

photo from yesstyle

Bow-Accent Shoulder Bag with Cross Strap
from Nillie Shop 

photo from yesstyle
P.S. Most of the final look, gah, eyes closed -_-

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