Friday, August 10, 2012

SMASH convention part 2

So my friend Frejya also invited me to share her stall space with her and another friend. So for the two weeks leading up to it I was frantically making some cards to sell, some of my general any-occasion cards and some anime/gaming themed cards.

I made some Pokemon and Mario themed cards (designs I've used previously for friends) but it ended up that I only sold one of them O_O My most popular was a 3D hot air balloon design I had lol!!

I now have an Etsy store for my remaining stock! My friend Frejya will also be uploading her headdresses and accessories to it very soon! :)

Frejya Headdresses (

Romance Noir ( - This is the other girl we shared our space with, a friend of Frejya!
My etsy store! (

Before and After of the stall!

A close-up of my cards!

Sorting everything the night before


 I decorated this business card holder about two nights beforehand, so proud of it ^^

 Some making-of pics of my cards!

Business card holder (Making-of)


Samples of the stock I sold!

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