Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gangnam Style flashmob + Artifacts from YHA The Big Dig

Had an interesting day yesterday...

Did some shopping for part of my cosplay accessories... hopefully I get around to making the bag XD

Then I went to my very first flashmob for this video!

It didn't really turn out to be flashmobby, where you pretend you're a member of the public, do your thing and become members of the public again but it was quite fun. I didn't go to the training session but some people taught me the easier moves right before it and I had to find  a dance partner last minute! He was actually a journalist from a Korean community newspaper who was told "go to this flash mob, right now!!" haha XD

I can't really be seen in the videos but this is what it was like! :)

I can only be seen at 0:11 where I'm running into place (out of the camera's view lol) XD

I then went to the YHA Big Dig at The Rocks and we took learnt about the history of the area, took a closer look at the digs and also handled some artifacts! (I didn't actually go all archaeology on it but it was fun ^^)

I was intending to buy a certain topcoat, last week I just missed a buy-one-get-one free Revlon nail polish sale :( and the newest sale was buy any two products and get the third free which was better for getting other cosmetics... I couldn't really decide on a third colour and didn't want to get something else yet so I ended just getting some other nail polishes using a voucher I had XD

original mani
Just swatched on top of it to try out the colours
Essence: 95 wanna be your sunshine
Essence: 67 make it golden
Rimmel London 60 secs: 805 grey matter
The Essence was only 5ml but quite cheap... just under $3! For the yellow I figured I could get a cheaper or smaller polish since I'd use it less and the gold I just picked up as it looks nice ^^ Hopefully I can do some nail art with the grey, I saw a cool youtube tute on Totoro :3

I also found the cutest ever origami paper at Daiso :3

Oh yeah, there was also a parade for the returning Olympians a few clocks away but I was still at the flash mob!

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  1. haha nice work on the nail polish!

    i would love to watch a legit flash mob happen but i'm never around when it spontaneously happens ^_^; but glad to see you had fun! btw that origami paper is the cutest! <3