Saturday, August 18, 2012

Konad nail stamping

When I was researching gothic lolita, I read through an article which mentioned nail stamping so I looked it up and the main brand in charge of the trend is Korean brand KONAD. The best way to explain it is you have a metal disc with an image engraved into it, you put some nail polish on the plate, scrape away the excess and use a stamper to transfer the image to your nail.

Here's a picture of the instructions on the back!

I bought this set about two weeks ago which comes with their image plate M3, two small nail polishes for stamping, a topcoat and the stamper/scraper set.

It looked really intriguing and I was itching to try it, although a friend I met recently did mention it wasn't as easy as they made it look and offered to lend me her set, though I saw her rarely so I thought, I'll buy it if I come across it. One of the websites I came across, Cosmetic Cupcake happened to be a Sydneysider and mentioned that Konad could be either purchased online from the US or through Konad Australia's eBay, there was also a store which had closed down, boohoo T_T.

A little while ago I noticed a new store in the place where they sued to sell Konad. Next to it was a small sign saying the old store had moved into the plaza just a few steps away... could it be???

After walking in, I noticed there were several clothing and beauty stores which I glanced in, I finally found the right one and saw a small display with Konad items but alas, "back in 5 mins"! I know, I know, the lady probably just ran to the bathroom or to get a snack but I actually wasn't in the shopping mood so I thought, I know it's here so I'll come another time!

The next time I came, the lady inside gave me a quick demo on how to use Konad and she said they only had one set left, and I could add another plate for $10 but I said I would think on it because I couldn't decide on the plates. In the end, when I went back yet again, I just bought the basic set XD

The results!

Her demo:

First time trying Konad:

 You can see some images have a lot of excess nail polish, I didn't clean the plate before re-using the image!


Some good tips I came across for the cleaning process:

and also:

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