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a. oryzae (Moyashimon)

image from wiki
 A friend of mine who was in her university's anime club really likes an anime called Moyashimon. I've watched the live Japanese drama version and it's quite cute. The first few episodes I found hilarious and it kept me watching, but by the end you could tell you really need to read the manga to get the full story and the drama was just made for the fans. The episodes themselves were only around 25 minutes long, similar to an anime episode.

The basic story is about a guy (Sawaki Tadayasu) entering an agricultural university and he has the ability to see and communicate with microbes. Always hanging around him are the cute a. oryzae who are yeast microbes fermented in his parent's yeast shop. He works in the lab of his grandfather's friend and meets some of the other characters through that lecture.

Caught by the professor!
This is how the world looks to Sawaki.
Sawaki's kouji
 The show is pretty educational too!
Sawaki interacting with microbes

My drawing of the a. oryzae
 I first drew the image with pencil and outlined it with a pen for stamps. The problem with this is that the rubber will cause the ink to streak. Not thinking properly, I also applied a water based spray to the image and ruined it as the ink began to run T_T.

Paper: Yellow is Bouquet Flowers Decor and Pink is Bouquest Words from heidi grace. The orginal Moyashimon uses paper from the grace taylor (contempo collection). Mouth is made from glimmery paper.
White rub-ons and pink rhinestones and pearls
Paper punches

The original drawing I used  the a. oryaze picture from the character list at bleachwiki. I drew it myself instead of tracing it (which is what I usually do), though it was quite an easy design XD.

Moyashimon Official Site
Moyashimon Anime is subbed by:
Moyashimon Drama is subbed by: Horrible Subs

he's right at home with the miso!!! ^^

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