Tuesday, June 14, 2011

drums and shakers

Last week at the Powerhouse Museum, there was a African Drumming session for the kids as well as a farewell party for Zoe's House, which is closing due to the museum's incoming Love Lace exhibition as well as the current revitalisation. But looking ahead, they will have the Wiggles exhibition to look forward to at the end of September.

The session itself involved two performers that the kids could drum along with, as there were drums placed in front of each seat as well as an activity to create their own shakers to take home. With the echoes of the drums still reverberating throughout the museum, everyone headed over to the table for some cake and drinks and then over to Zoe's House to say goodbye.

Here's the shaker I made with mung beans and rice! :)

I also went to see the ice polar bear at Circular Quay I heard about on the radio.

You can donate to the cause regarding the plight of polar bears and global warming on the website.

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