Saturday, June 11, 2011

butterfly dancing


Made a few changes to the flower card I made a few days ago as I thought it was missing something! I realise I did actually make it incorrectly according to the instructions, you're supposed to cut strips from the card (that are next to each other) at different lengths so that the "flower garden" looks a lot fuller.

I added two butterfly stickers, these are made for cardmaking so have a clear backing and they're really nice!!


I added a tinkerbell sticker to the bottom, it's hard to spot!

Also found a cute quote online to add as a P.S.

Some cooking adventures!
Made some M&Ms cookies for the birthday girl. I substituted half the M&Ms with choc chips because (1) I wanted to eat the M&Ms and (2) thought I might as well finish the pack of choc chips! Tip: If you're using crispy M&Ms, the chocolates will stick to your teeth if you eat the cookies hot!

I also made some Coca Cola flavoured jelly, as Aeroplane Jelly have a new product where instead of just cold water, you use 200ml of a soft drink or fruit juice, and I had a spare mini Coke can which was just the right size! :)

Nom nom spotting for the day ^^

Cargo bar/lounge.

Azuma Pรขtisserie.

 strawberry layer; chocolate mousse
 green tea latte
white hot chocolate

Ton Ton.

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