Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Museum of Me - a very cool social media link!

It has to access your facebook to create a mini museum of your social media life. The first page is like an entry with your name in big letters, next you see five friends you interact the most often with.

Next is a location page, I think it's when people tag you in places but it's hard to tell XD and also a nice image gallery of photos you have posted, from what I can tell, it seems to be from your profile pics and your latest album! Words that you use often in your status updates, mine was 'All' but I did it again and it changed till 'One' XD

Then there is also popular links, videos and photos that you have liked and then they make a nice mosaic afterwards (you need to see this for yourself!).

I also like the music choice which is from Takagi Masakatsu.

Not too many pictures since I don't want to spoil you reaction and it's best to visualise it yourself.

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