Monday, May 16, 2011

Autumn draws to a close and we welcome the white snow...

With both blogger and my internet down, I haven't been able to work on posts... and I also started a new food blog with my friend Penguin which has taken up some of my time XD TA-DAA!!!

Other than that, last weekend I made Japanese cold green tea somen noodles with dipping sauce :) I should have made carrot cake muffins today but ended up being too lazy because of the cold weather (you would think I'd want to use an oven) but I will make it tomorrow earlier in the day ^_^ I wanted to make red velvet cupcakes but the Coles I went to ran out of 600ml buttermilk
and only had the 1L which I didn't want to buy!

On another note, here is one of the cards I made for one of the volunteer coordinators who left last year.

It is quite simple, made with an origami flower and then decorated with ribbon, a ladybug, rub-ons, stickers and rhinestones. I mentioned that another card was also sort of based on it.

I really like this sticker too, I bought a set of them from Riot! Art & Craft and since they are clear stickers, they are quite versatile on different coloured cardstock :).

I should really get more rub-ons like that or maybe a more delicate stamp with a similar flowing design, as the stamps I have now have quite thick swirls.

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