Wednesday, May 18, 2011

chocolate time

I was supposed to bake carrot cupcakes today but all I did was measure the dry ingredients because I realised I didn't have enough eggs XD Just needed another one! I've found myself in this situation before when I was making the double chocolate cupcake from In that situation, I sat down and ate sadly some oreos when I came across the idea of looking up egg alternatives to use... I finally decided on:

2 eggs = 1 banana + 1 tsp baking powder

In the end, it was a good combo as the chocolate and banana complemented each other well. I did try the original recipe later on with an oreo base but that was a fail -_-. I also haven't made it with the icing as it doesn't get too dry with the banana added in (and I can never seem to get the icing right XD) so really it turned out to be chocolate muffins rather than double chocolate cupcakes ;)

I did end up making edamame hummus today from my Just Bento Cookbook, the flavour is a bit strange 'cause I'm not sure I measured the ingredients right or maybe because chickpeas and edamame are just too different, but it's still edible =D On the website, there is the standard hummus recipe!

Well, with that egg I do have, I could probably use it in her mini-hamburger recipe instead, since I bought the mince meat already... that is if someone doesn't eat the egg XD

This is the original choc cupcake photo linked from the site, looks so different from mine huh XD

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