Sunday, May 1, 2011

Craft Punk - in the loop @ Powerhouse Museum

Yesterday Sodalis and I went to Craft Punk - in the loop at the Powerhouse Museum which was a craft weekend with various drop-in workshops with textiles, thread, knitting related craft :) It was the first time it was held in what is planned to be a series or quaterly craft weekends.

We went straight to the Turbine Hall and took a look at what was available, there were several tables for learning about bobbin lace, crochet and knitting, a workshop about to start which was making a doily and looked to involve both crochet and cross stitch. On the wall was a giant artwork made of plastic bags where the public could contribute by following the colour grid. In the transport area were several tables circled around the exhibit for kids to learn about knitting, french knitting and paper weaving as well as a spectacular set of giant knitting needles and a giant french knitting loom.

We headed over to the crochet table but there wasn't anyone available at the time so we headed over to the wrap knitting. Since S knows how to knit already, one of the lovely ladies showed me how to knit the square by transferring the wool between the needles and I somehow managed three rows.Although I did need help with the stitch increases in each row. We had a great time chatting to another one of the ladies as we knitted and I somehow created a button hole in my knitting which she corrected.

The knitting was actually run by a volunteer run charity organisation Wrap With Love who knit, crochet etc and collect completed wraps from all over Australia to be sent to perople suffering from cold and trauma. They are a fantastic organisation and also have an annual knit-in at Ultimo with 702 ABC Sydney which is approaching its tenth year.

Powerhouse Museum - What's On: Craft Punk

Wrap With Love

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