Tuesday, May 3, 2011

let's fly out of this world ---Saturn---

I was at the Sydney Observatory for two days during the Easter school holidays helping with the kid's workshop activity to make models of Saturn! It was basically made of recycled CDs and two halves of a styrofoam ball glued together, quite fun! The person in charge said he had a hard time finding the styrofoam balls, apparently he raided many Spotlight stores!

So what you do is cut the styrofoam ball in half (first time I have used a hacksaw, I was actually using it incorrectly which is why the "halves" weren't equal)... using a toothpick, stick one in the flat /cut styrofoam and using that and glue, stick it to the CD. Then DECORATE!!!

Here are my creations ^^

My colleague's creation...

My own mix of a light orange paint XD

Some of the ones made by the kids!

The second time I went there by myself so I went to sit in the sun before the workshop started and took some photos :)

Some of the flowers from the garden

The time ball is dropped everyday at approximately 1.00 PM

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