Wednesday, April 27, 2011

three ways to say goodbye (avant card special)

it's been a while since my last post... :( 'cause I was taking forever to edit this post ;)

One of the teachers at the Chinese school was leaving, so my sister asked me to make a farewell cards for each class to write in.

I sketched a few ideas... (ideas are things that look good on paper but don't necessarily translate that well off the drawing board) and then started creating!! :)


and before adding the finishing touches...

The sketchboard idea was basically an origami flower which I kept, I've made a similar card before but I wanted a patterned background in this card. I couldn't be bothered looking through all my scrapbooking paper and I don't really like cutting it up too much... so looked through my postcards and found this really cute one advertising Taronga Zoo. Filled in the spaces as well with swirls and words and things :)


So here's my idea and somehow it became very different to the final card... ;)

This one I grabbed the idea from the postcards I had as I was sorting because the school went on an excursion to the art gallery to see 'The First Emperor', an exhibition on China's emtombed warriors. I just bought some Glimmer Mist (Tattered Angels) and decided to see how it looked so sprayed it on the cardboard which ended up a bit damp so had to let it dry overnight before working on the card.


Since this was the first idea I drew up (out of about six), I wanted to make sure I used the design... the top left corner the four-leaf clover didn't turn out :( so had to cover it up :P

The big pink button is actually covering up a picture of a woman jumping,

I should also title this post: button special as they all have buttons :)

In the end, one of my farewell cards didn't get used... obviously the Asian one was chosen and the other was the flower field one so I still have my origami flower one here. So that card has the special status of being a part of my 'getting to know you' presentation at the museum :P

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