Monday, April 4, 2011

rabbits hopping through the looking grass

Made a grass head bunny rabbit at the museum today... basically you get a cardboard flower pot to decorate, then you scrunch up some newspaper to place in the bottom, put grass seeds onto muslin with cotton balls on top, then tie it all together and put that into the flower pot! Then it grows upwards like hair like in the photo.

I got the idea to make a bunny because I saw someone use the cotton buds as decorations lol!

Here is a close-up of the bunny with a flower made from paper circles (I didn't make it -_- but someone left it behind!) as well as a vintage Arnotts tin, newspaper and random drinks... I think the brown stuff is tea?? in the background ;)

You just need to keep the cotton ball moist and it should grow in about a week!

And with the cotton tail...

Unfortunately I gave it away to a colleague for her niece so I couldn't make some boring in-depth facebook album of the grass growing... but... I did get to take home this plastic pot that came with some lettuce and salad seeds, yay!! XD

I also received some nice material today, the person who received my lace and the bunny are the same person lol... and she gave me some materials that she had a lot of!

Pink string that is commonly used in scarves, gold thread and blue lace... as well as the crossword to fill in the empty space XD

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