Friday, April 15, 2011

hello, my name is...

Anyway, Monday Mob has started some team bonding sessions where each week someone will introduce themselves and talk about their interests or anything they want really. I was somehow chosen to be second (after the day leader's talk too -_-)!!!

I thought that I might slip in a little about my interest in cardmaking so I prepared some cards the morning before to showcase my interest and here they are :)... [Took me about an hour and a half including the photography. ;)]

Random-'have a nice day' card :)

Birthday card 1

+ the inside using the paper tape I just bought - lace pattern

Birthday card 2 (the photo didn't turn out well in the light outdoors because of the light colour and all the shiny sequins!)

My brother liked this card but he said the bird needed a rhinestone eye.

Note: Actually, I haven't presented my piece yet, we ran out of time the first week, and the second week was the holiday period so there are more things to discuss at the meeting... which tempts me to make more cards lol :)

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