Monday, April 11, 2011

Fiskars ShapeBoss

A friend of my sister just bought her the Fiskars ShapeBoss for her birthday... tried it out yesterday and it was pretty fun :) we have stencils already but I never did figure out embossing so I mostly used them for chalking lol (actually... I was just hoping to get a machine to do it hehe)

Having the ShapeBoss eliminates the need for a lightbox and it's probably a quick and easy way to add something nice to a card without resorting to looking for rhinestones, patterned paper etc. The paper did slip out of the stencil at one point when I was checking the pattern but I was able to reposition it easily enough.

I just did two quick samples, one on plain scrapbook paper and one on a patterned paper to see if it woud be hard to see it... and I had some leftover pieces anyway!

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