Friday, June 15, 2012

Vivid Sydney and Street Photography

First up, a card for my friend's birthday, she's a Beauty and the Beast fan! I've made a similar card before in a Disney Princess set which I still have on me somewhere.

I'm no great shakes at photography or anything but I have this strange obsession with taking photos (and photos and photos)! It was a fading afternoon with a patter of rain when my friend wanted to stop to take a photo of the street... we were there for another 15 minutes while I took about ten times the photos she did XD (we both used our camera phone apps but it may have been a different story if she had her SLR :P)

Some pics from Vivid this year, I only stayed two hours because of the cold so not many piccies

Great light animation at Customs



 Tunnel of HAPPYNESS =)

Wattle Tree - one of my faves :)

Jellyfish! - My favourite installation from the previous year!

Sunset/afternoon photos from my phone

Views from High Tea!

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