Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quick purple manicure...

I just bought China Glaze 'Snow Globe' and did a quick manicure with the purples I had. (Oh, it's also my first China Glaze, I know, I'm a bit slow on the naill polish train!); dark purple accents on the ring finer and index finger!

This is a more accurate (i.e. less phone app dreamy) representation of the colours XD

The lovely bottle...

Nail polishes used:
  • China Glaze Snow Globe 842
  • Mecca Virtual Violet
  • Face Shop code:PP401 (this is the light purple colour)
  • Cutex 3-in-1; the bottle I'm using is getting empty so the application isn't as smoooth now :(

I also went to the new Daiso at Town Hall :3

It's located in the grocery store under the HSBC tower, the entrance is opposite the cinemas, near Maccas, at the Easy Way entrance... best way I can describe it lol... obviously less stock than Chatswood due to the size of the place but if you need a quick Daiso fix!!!

I bought some strawberry slippers to keep my feeties warm since I keep losing the ones I have and I need more than one anyway in case they're in the wash! They pill quite easily :/

New headband... :)

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