Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paper Petals

Just joined a stamping club hosted the Stampin' Up demonstrator I go to the workshops of! So basically, when meeting up you would make a set of cards (or card fronts) to swap with a recipe list of the items you used to make it. e.g. if there are ten people in the club, you'd make ten cards and swap them, going home with nine new ideas (you keep one for yourself ^^).

This is the card we received from joining up, just a taste of what we'll be getting.(And what we have to do!)

Although the next meeting is still in 3 months, we'll be informed as the time gets closer on how many cards we need to make, and at the first session we'll be decorating a box, which is sort of the mini mailbox to store our new cards!

It really reminds me of a book I read a while back "The Cookie Club" by Ann Pearlman. It's basically just a random novel about a cookie club hostess and what's happening in her life, her's family's and some of her close friend's lives. Each chapter introduces a new cookie recipe (I think there were about 12 club members) as well. What happens is that they make 12 sets of cookies, but rather than keeping the 12th for themselves, the extra packaged cookies are given to the local hospital as a Christmas gift to the long term patients. Might be a bit hazy on the details as I'm writing this from memory! And yes, here's a photo of it but I can't be bothered reading the explanation XD.

  Font is different for each recipe!
 Info on ingredients!

And here's the blog address for the Paper Petals Stamp Club =D

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