Thursday, November 24, 2011

t-shirts and games!

As I mentioned before, it's the 50th year of friendship between Australia and Korea, so a company called JK Entertainment somehow organised an amazing concert with 12 KPOP groups to fly out here!!

They were 2AM, TVXQ, C.N BLUE, MBLAQ, SHINEE, B2ST, SNSD (Girl's Generation), KARA, Miss A, Secret, 4Minute and SISTAR!

Anyway, I made a t-shirt using the freezer paper method which I lugged over from the US a year ago, yeah, I know, I finally used it for something!
for instructions see: "walmart collection"

I've been told the back seems a little empty so I might add some more lyrics when I have time (even though the shirt's been used now, lol)! The t-shirt also looks a bit crumpled as it hasn't been re-ironed yet.

My friend made her own t-shirt too, she put all the group names in felt ont he back of her t-shirt, a lot of effort but it looked fantastic :)

Also received some freebies from the day event and garnered some interested stares at my 'Like" banner XD (I've repainted the white section and waterproofed the whole front)

I also made this Korean Jegi at the Powerhouse Museum, which is sort of like a Korean hacky-sack, which I failed dismally at playing >.<


1. Take about 3 pieces of A4 tissue paper

2. Place a washer on the bottom edge (of the long side) and fold it over to the other end.

3. Pokies it with a pencil.

4. Now we're going to pull each end through the hole, it's a bit tricky but here I am folding the end of the paper over so it will fit through...

5. Put a rubber band around the base to secure the paper.

 6. Tear the paper into think strips and fluff up the jegi.

And it's ready to play with :) if you're wondering about the colours...I made two lol

Instructions were modified from the one they provided at the museum, I don't think they would use the word pokies...

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