Friday, November 18, 2011

Harry Potter Exhibition

The Harry Potter exhibition is about to open at the Powerhouse Museum and I was able to go to the special staff preview (they called it a dress rehearsal, lol, because they hired new staff to work on the exhibition, a spot of tea if you know what I mean...)

I went in and my group didn't have too many kids so I volunteered to be the third to be sorted by the Sorting Hat, into Gryffindor no less (I should have said I wanted to be Slytherin - or she could have at least pressed the Ravenclaw button, don't I look like Cho Chang, the asian guy before me with glasses, she said looked like he could be a Ravenclaw, I mustn't look smart enough *sigh*)

Inside, we're treated to a lovely montage of clips from the movies and then are ushered past the Hogwarts Express into the main gallery area with all the super cool props.

I was a bit rushed for time but got a bit distracted inside the store, although I ended up exiting with some Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Jelly Beans! Managed to get almost all the gross flavours lol.

And in other news, aren't eggs great? I just bought this mega cute egg holder set from Morning Glory. I found one of them, and then another, and then another and was going through the painstaking process of deciding which one to buy when I saw the set of six and couldn't help myself XD I think I got it for about $8 as they were selling for $1.50 each anyway. Although it was a good thing I looked at both boxes, as one said $8 and mine scanned at $12 XD.

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