Tuesday, January 25, 2011

walmart collection

When I went to the US, one of my goals was to purchase freezer paper, it's similar to wax/baking paper you can get here, but it only has wax on one side. It's very versatile, other than the name implies (freezer paper for wrapping food), it is actually used in quilting and now also to paint designs on t-shirts!

Needless to say, in the excitement of seeing Walmart I forgot about it until my sister reminded me (thanks!). I looked all over and with the help of a staff member, I finally located some... some 150 square feet of it (or 14 metres-squared)... and the same length as my luggage.

Anyway, I made a few more crafty purchases after that :) then I waited at the wrong entrance for everyone else when the meeting time came -_-... I found the prices were pretty similar to the stores here e.g. Lincraft, Spotlight but unfortunately I couldn't browse any speciality craft stores. :(

Clockwise from top: Origami paper, Bead reamer, 'Aloha' stamp, ladybug and farm animal ribbon, rhinestones (black and crystal).

On the use of freezer paper, Make It and Love It blog

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