Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My first eBay win!

I started browsing craft items on eBay, well more seriously than before and I came across this very cute embossing folder. No one else was selling it so I placed it on my watch list to monitor, but I ended up having a busy bee weekend and forgot all about it! But since the seller had more than one she put up another auction which I went for, it was a bitter fight till the end, I'm not sure if I was up against one person or two! I did pay a bit more than the previous action (boooo) but I was still happy with the price, as I imagine the price would have went up to the same amount had I bet the previous time.

The seller was pretty polite and posted it the next morning but as I was in another state I didn't get it till Friday (posted Wednesday). Here's how it was packaged, she also throws in a cute little wire hanger (which was mentioned on eBay) and embosses some paper for you. It seems like it's just printer paper but it's a nice little bonus which can still be used efficiently (or maybe I'm the only one here who only embosses cardboard lol)

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